International Conference
"Cultural, Social and Ethical dimension of Economy, Business and Management"
Opole, 27 th November 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Responsible business today plays an important function of culture. Creating a civil society requires actions for the further development of business ethics at the level of individuals, organizations, state and global level. Initiative in creating the organization and business "with a human face" are conducted throughout the world, and their ultimate effect will depend on the enthusiasm and integrate the efforts of men of business, science, employees of various organizations, consumers, promoters of social policy. The conference aims at further integration of scientists from different academic communities of the country and abroad as well as companies and organizations with the issues related to the promotion of responsible business and responsible consumerism.

We propose an exchange of views on:

  • Ethical Education, education, Business Ethics.
  • Ethical Programs of organization: codes, training, BEO.
  • Ethics of Human Resource Management and ethical leadership (servant leadership).
  • Ethics of marketing, advertising, PR.
  • Ethics of traditional media and new media.
  • Ethics of the financial sphere.
  • Ethics of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The cultural determinants of wealth creation and Business Ethics.
  • Rights and responsibilities of consumers, consumer organizations, consumer education.
  • Social policy of the state and business society development
  • Standards of responsibility of organizations.
  • The philosophy of wealth creation.
  • Religion and business.
  • Other topics suggested by participants.

Framework of the conference program will include plenary session and debates in sections. We invite all persons interested in the subject.

Yours sincerely,
Organizers of the Conference
Prof. P.O. dr hab. L. Karczewski,
H. A. Kretek MA, WSM Warszawa